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Inspired by André Antoine, Théâtre Libre means simply,  free theatre.

This is exactly what the company strives to create; theatre for everyone free from the constraints of class, status, or censorship.

Founded in 2009, we use high levels of physicality to re-introduce classics, questioning and exploring their relevance in modern society.

What the critics say

“...there is no denying that (Théâtre Libre) provide(s) a good vehicle for emerging talent to explore its potential.”  British Theatre Guide

“...a dynamic new company...”  Whats Peen Seen(blog)

“...a high calibre company with somewhere to go...”    Pen and Poise  (blog)

“...this company who specialise(s), amongst other things, in innovative takes on the classics.”  Remote Goat

“Théâtre Libre, a company born in 2009 that specializes in physical theatre, was no doubt going to set its own bar pretty high (...) a well-executed and certainly innovative performance of an all-time classic by Théâtre Libre. Well worth seeing.”    Everything Theatre