DUTCHMAN - Tickets Now On sale!

It’s been awhile, but Théâtre Libre are excited to announce our co-production with Outer Gaea Company to present: DUTCHMAN by Amiri Baraka

Drawing tense parallels between Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights Movement, Amiri Baraka’s DUTCHMAN challenges the progress of racial equality by asking how much has changed these last 50 years?

Following Lula, a white woman, and Clay, a black man - DUTCHMAN explores the intersectionality of race, class, and gender. The explosive narrative tackles white privilege, masculinity, power, and sexuality as the audience follows the course of the relationship formed between Lula, played by Cheska Hill-Wood and Clay, played by James Barnes.

This Black History Month we celebrate Baraka’s (then known as LeRoi Jones) civil rights activism and pioneering African American poetry by reviving one of his most confrontational works. DUTCHMAN was first performed in New York in 1964 and this play is as vital now as it was then, especially as government leaders in the UK and abroad use increasingly polarising language on public platforms, deepening racial divides. The award-winning play speaks to both black and white audiences, dissecting thoughts and feelings that neither group wants to articulate.

We are thrilled to be back at the Tristan Bates Theatre and working with TL alumni James Barnes and Cheska Hill-Wood. We are also delighted to welcome on board Sheila Nortley who is our Associate Director. Sheila and James worked together previously on internationally renowned indie film Sable Fable, which Sheila produced. With movement by TL’s own Justyna Ziarek and an exciting ensemble cast including Mitch Howell, Georgia Morna-Arkle, Joel Gottfried, Richard Bobb-Semple, Atticus Orsborn, and Orla Sanders - this promises to be an exceptional piece of modern theatre.

Tickets have started selling out, so we recommend that you book now to avoid disappointment.
Running from 8-26 October for Black History Month UK
Tuesday - Saturday at 6.15pm
Saturday matinees at 1pm
Press night: 10 Oct
For any press enquiries, please contact Chloe Nelkin PR:
0203 627 2960

For more info and to book tickets - just click the link here: https://www.actorscentre.co.uk/theatre/dutchman/book

Flying high - Peter Pan workshops

Théâtre Libre's movement director Justyna Ziarek and company director Kaitlin Argeaux recently collaborated with Eastlea Community school's KS3 students to develop their drama skills and physical movement.

Over nine weeks, the students used the story of Peter Pan to explore text, movement and drama, developing performance skills and improving confidence. One student remarked "On Saturdays I enjoy going to the drama workshops, because I like [the] experience of putting on a play and learning new skills". 

The workshops proved extremely popular, and Justyna and Kaitlin plan to return to the school to deliver a full length production of Peter Pan in due course.

If you'd like more information on how Théâtre Libre can work with your young people, please contact us here.

Photos and videos of children shared with permission

Save Harkers campaign

Like so many in the industry, we were deeply saddened to hear that Harkers Studio - often better known as Flints Theatrical Chandlers - is threatened with closure to make way for luxury flats. We were proud to support the Save Harkers Campaign event in December, raising awareness and funds to overturn the approved conversion.

As a collaborative theatre company, we rely on affordable spaces within this borough. Yet, with the continuation of new builds these spaces are becoming more and more difficult to find.

Spaces such as Harkers Studio give us a platform from which to create and bring our shows to life. We have used Harkers since the inception of Theatre Libre, to hold production and design meetings, to construct sets, paint backdrops, build furniture, workshop new writing, and have full rehearsals, including dress runs. Harkers Studio is the reason we, as a very small and independent theatre company, have been able to mount productions of such high quality. This in turn improves our reputation and encourages theatre practitioners and other creatives to work us, resulting in more community participation and more opportunities. As a company we believe strongly that theatre belongs to everyone, and spaces like Harkers Studio bring immeasurable value to the artistic community. The loss of cultural spaces in London is detrimental to the creation of our performance pieces.

You can find more information on the campaign here http://www.southwarkcan.org/harkers, and get updates on Twitter @Harkers_Studio. You can also sign the Save Harkers petition

Festival SEason

It's February and we here at TL are looking forward to summer, not just for the sunshine and beautiful weather, but because it's FESTIVAL SEASON! Theatre festival season is traditionally during the summer months of June, July, and August and we have been busy bees applying to as many professional European festivals as we can. These include KIFT (South Korea), Dublin Theatre Festival 2016 (Ireland), and Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania).

We are planning to take our show "Salomé" on the road this year, so if you missed our 4 star production at The Space in September, this could be your chance to catch us!

Farewell & Welcome

In company news, we wish our producer from Salomé Oran Doyle farewell as he embarks on his post graduate studies at Central School of Speech and Drama.

Oran has also started his own company Over The Limit.

We wish him all the best of luck on his next adventures, and look forward to supporting his producing endeavors. 

Taking his place as in house producer and marketing director is Jay Oh.

We initially met Jay while we were in South Korea with our Greek tragedy "House of Atreus" 

She was our liaison and interpreter and we affectionately refer to her as our "fixer." When she moved to London we knew this was our chance to continue our collaboration, and we asked her to join the company. Luckily for us she said yes! 

Jay will be managing our marketing, fundraising, and producing. 

Interview of our Artistic Director Kaitlin Argeaux

We are hard at work on our top secret new writing venture. It's a period drama veering on the edge of horror featuring a lead female role over the age of 40. Sadly, this is more unusual than it should be and if you are keen to hear more about our company's stance on all things feminist related - check out this interview our Artistic Director Kaitlin Argeaux did with Munir Bello.


We will reveal more about this period horror piece as we go, but we are pushing for this to premiere in 2017.


Kaitlin Argeaux – “We don’t need 5 figure budgets to make magic”


I like creatives like my guest today because she is one of few in a competitive industry who wants to help others. Kaitlin Argeaux is a Theatre Director from America living in London. The stage has been in her life since she started dancing at the age of 3. Acting came next and directing is the hat now worn which compliments her other skills. She is vocal about wanting more equality in the workplace for women in an industry that is lopsided in its favouritism towards men. TBUR likes making new friends and Kaitlin is the latest in a long line of them that I have made. Through the course of this interview you will be hearing a lot more from this likeable and brave character who’s ambition knows no boundaries.

What's next?

As for 2016, this year we are looking at comedies, as a break from all the tragedy and drama! 



Moliere and Ionesco are two playwrights we are researching now, and we will make an official announcement along with casting call info soon. 

Do you have any ideas for a show you'd like to see us produce? If so, shoot us an email and let us know! We love hearing from our friends.

So that's all folks!

Photo courtesy of Sam Jeffrey (Salome; Theatre Libre; The Space; 2015)

Photo courtesy of Sam Jeffrey (Salome; Theatre Libre; The Space; 2015)

Thank you to all who came down to see Salome at The Space as part of their Autumn Season! We had record breaking audiences for the company and we couldn't have asked for better responses! Have a look at some of what the reviewers have said: 

**** LONDON THEATRE 1         **** FEMALE ARTS             **** REMOTE GOAT

'...one of the most impressive examples of stage carpentry I've seen' - VIEWS FROM THE GODS

'Salome gives an empowering potent and sensual display' - FROST MAGAZINE

'Powerful Opening Scenes' - LONDONIST

'I look forward to seeing more of...Argeaux's work in the future.' - THE F WORD

'Théâtre Libre’s interpretation of Salomé is compelling.' A YOUNGER THEATRE

We open on TUESDAY! Here's a round up of everything that's happened over the past few weeks!

It's been action all stations at TL HQ over the past few weeks. The set has started being constructed today with Jo (our fantastic production manager) and Rachael (our wonderful designer) putting in the hard graft at Flints to make sure everything is ready for our get in on Monday! 

Looks like Rachael is taking it easy while Jo is doing the bossing around at Flints this morning! Photo courtesy of @rachaelryan01 

Looks like Rachael is taking it easy while Jo is doing the bossing around at Flints this morning! Photo courtesy of @rachaelryan01 

While the design has been bubbling away under the surface over the past few months, rehearsals have been happening since May! It's been a long devising process with the cast and crew working together to create such an engaging piece. We had our dress run on Tuesday and were lucky enough to have Sam Jeffery come down and photograph the wonderful actors. To see the full album of photos head on over to: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152934042231895.1073741842.294351056894&type=3

Things are getting steamy between Herod (Christopher Slater) and Salome (Liza Weber) at our dress. To find out why you'll have to join us at The Space! Photo Courtesy of Sam Jeffery. 

Things are getting steamy between Herod (Christopher Slater) and Salome (Liza Weber) at our dress. To find out why you'll have to join us at The Space! Photo Courtesy of Sam Jeffery. 

All of this is gearing up to the opening of our run on the 1st September! Our press night is on Thursday 3rd and there are still some tickets available for that. We run until 19th September so get your tickets from: https://space.org.uk/event/salome/

'Salome' Kickstarter Appeal

As a company, we have created a Kickstarter appeal to help support our production of 'Salome' that is at The Space from the 1st-19th September 2015. As many people are aware, putting on a show at the best of times is difficult, but at times of funding cuts and austerity fringe theatre is becoming an increasingly difficult environment to produce high quality shows. 

To see more about the company, the show and what you can do to help, please head on over to: 

Thank you! 



Theatre Libre is looking to hire a Lighting Designer and Projection Mapper for their new show Salome which is to be performed at The Space from the 1st of Sept-19th of Sept.  Our get in at The Space will be on the 31st of August and the 1st of September.

We are looking for someone to join our small team and design both the lights and projection for the show. We would like it if the person has experience with QLab and has experience designing projection for theatre.  We require someone to be super efficient and a team player to work on this devised piece. This ambitious project, being told through a physical adaptation written by Shane Callaghan, approaches the text from a feminist angle and explores the result of the objectification of women. By modernising the staging of 'Salome', Théâtre Libre will question how a constant male gaze can affect the burgeoning sexuality of a young female in an increasingly technological world. Directed by Kaitlin Argeaux, with movement by Justyna Ziarek, this undertaking is one which fits into today's obsession with social media and the exploitation of the female form.

We would like it if the designer could join rehearsals where possible to familiarize themselves with the show as it is a very technical. This would suit a student who would like a professional credit. Please get in touch if you would like to apply. The fee will be £100 to cover expenses.

Design Update from Rachael Ryan - Theatre Libre's resident designer

Salome is the second production I will be designing with Theatre Libre and after working with the creative team before there is already an aesthetic language in place. This allows me to dive straight into concepts that I think would suit our company and production.

Being a physical and devised theatrical company, there are still many things to be discovered in rehearsals, which will help develop the design further. This is an exciting process as a designer as ideas can be work-shopped for me before committing to a solid concept. There is also a playful side to how  this genre of theatre enables designers, and it is onenot often explored.

With Salome having a contemporary setting, there are many factors that are important for me to consider, to help solidify the 'world of Salome' before rehearsals begin. Which social and class groups do the characters belong in?  How do we incorporate the idea of social media being a strong presence in to this play?

We will be using a flexible concept that is very stylised and implies rather than states. By keeping the costumes real and grounded, this will help to balance the design and really define the time and status of the world. We have been discussing projection to help represent social media within our design and I want to have the projection encompassing the set rather than feeling disembodied from the aesthetic.

At the moment we are playing with the idea of a monochrome masculine world with harsh lines and angles, juxtaposed with pops of colour and an idea of packaging and unwrapping being present in Salome’s world. 

The straight lines, simplicity and monochrome nature of this design will inspire the set construction and will be juxtaposed with the costumes and props used to add colour. 

The straight lines, simplicity and monochrome nature of this design will inspire the set construction and will be juxtaposed with the costumes and props used to add colour. 

'Salome' is being performed from the 1st September - 19th September 2015 at The Space, London. 


Theatre Libre presents:


by Oscar Wilde

adapted by Shane Callaghan Directed by Kaitlin Argeaux with movement by Justyna Ziarek

Produced by Oran Doyle


In this modern interpretation, we explore the results of the objectification of one extraordinary woman. How does Salome evolve under the constant scrutiny of the male gaze? What happens when she harnesses her sexuality for empowerment? A physical, feminist adaptation.


Performance Dates:

1-17 Sept 2015

The Space

269 Westferry Road, London E14 3RS


5-10 August 2015

KIFT (Keochang International Festival of Theatre)

Geochang, South Korea

Performances on 8th & 9th August 2015


Rehearsal Info:

This is an unusual casting call in that it includes multiple performances.

We will rehearse May-July for 3 days a week-

2 weekday evenings 6-9PM (days TBC)

Saturdays 10AM-2PM (exact times TBC)

Location TBC, but will be Central or South East London


This show has been invited to perform at the Keochang International Festival of Theatre in Geochang, South Korea. KIFT (as it is more commonly known) is a huge festival of art, theatre and dance held annually over 17 days. Theatre companies from Europe, the US and all over Asia attend this internationally recognized theatre festival. Theatre Libre previously toured their production of "House of Atreus" to the prestigious festival in 2013 and were astounded by the experience. This year, the cast and crew will fly to South Korea on or around August 5th, and they will rehearse on stage until our performances on the 8th and 9th pf August. When we return from South Korea there will be a small break and then we will rehearse in preparation for our London run in September. We have a run booked in London at The Space and are excited to be working at this venue again.



This is a low paid production – each actor will be paid a stipend, half paid before the show at The Space and remaining half paid after the final performance in September.


Flights to South Korea, transfers in South Korea, and accommodation are all paid for. And this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is not to be missed. Actors will only need money for food, recreation.


Audition Info:

Sunday April 26th 11Am-4PM

The Rag Factory:

Spitalfields Arts Market 16-18 Heneage Street London E1 5LJ

If you are called to this audition you will be given a specific time for the day.

Actors will need to prepare a one minute dramatic monologue and be ready to move and take direction.

More details will follow with an invitation.


Character Breakdown:

SALOME – a young, beautiful socialite


female actress with STRONG physical theatre experience, experience in devising, dance background a plus

HEROD – Head of the Household, CEO


male actor with some physical theatre background, devising or dance experience a plus

SOLDIER 1 – Herodias' PA


female actor with physical theatre background

SOLDIER 2 – Herod's Security


male actor with physical theatre background

YOUNG SYRIAN – Head of Herod's Security


male actor with physical theatre background


We will contact you if you have been successful to schedule your audition.

Please submit your CV, headshot(s), and covering letter to the email below.

In your covering letter tell us why you are interested in the project and which character you wish to audition for by: 23 April 2015 @ 5PM.

Applications and any questions you might have, please send to: TheatreLibre@outlook.com

Why 'Salome'? Our director, Kaitlin Argeaux, tells us why!

I was first exposed to "Salome" the opera, directed by David McVicar at the Royal Opera House back in 2008. Salome is a complex and flawed character-I was immediately fascinated by her and the choices she makes. I started researching the Oscar Wilde play and made instant parallels between Salome and the modern day socialite; the Kim Kardashians and Miley Cyrus' of the entertainment industry. Their highly sexualised antics, constant need for validation, and flirtation with the public all echoed Salome, who is prized for her virginity and beauty above all else. Deep in my research, somewhere between watching TED talks, studying Caitlin Moran, and reading the numerous articles dedicated to the exploitation of the female form – I started to see the world with fresh eyes. Suddenly I saw our objectification EVERYWHERE. And it made me ANGRY.

As a director, I believe my strongest work comes from a place of passion. When something makes me angry or upset, I take that as my cue to explore further. I believe theatre is a platform for asking uncomfortable questions, raising awareness, seeking difficult truths.

As a feminist, I see injustices towards women each and every day. I wonder how much of our behaviour is programmed by a patriarchal society? And when I see female celebrities using their bodies and sexuality to make money – I can't help but wonder – who is really in control?

Women may be more sexually liberated than ever (particularity in the West) – but does this overt sexuality give us power? Or does it diminish it?

It's 2015, and social media is everywhere. The female form in all its manifestations is readily available for public consumption at all times. "Salome" is a hard look at the result of that. "Salome" is our platform to ask uncomfortable questions about the objectification of women, raise awareness of how the male gaze alters female behaviour, and seek difficult truths in our complicity in this exploitation. Because we are all complicit - in one way or another. 


If this whets your appetite for 'Salome' make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with our casting calls and show information! 


Our new show Is...


SALOME by Oscar Wilde

A beautiful socialite wakes up, uploads a selfie onto social media, and goes about her day. Sound familiar? 
In this modern interpretation, we explore the results of the objectification of one extraordinary woman. How does Salome evolve under the constant scrutiny of the male gaze? What happens when she harnesses her sexuality as empowerment?

A physical, feminist adaptation directed by Kaitlin Argeaux with movement by Justyna Ziarek

The show will be produced as part of the Autumn season at The Space, running from the 1st-17th September 2015.

Casting call to be posted soon with auditions at the end of April!