Save Harkers campaign

Like so many in the industry, we were deeply saddened to hear that Harkers Studio - often better known as Flints Theatrical Chandlers - is threatened with closure to make way for luxury flats. We were proud to support the Save Harkers Campaign event in December, raising awareness and funds to overturn the approved conversion.

As a collaborative theatre company, we rely on affordable spaces within this borough. Yet, with the continuation of new builds these spaces are becoming more and more difficult to find.

Spaces such as Harkers Studio give us a platform from which to create and bring our shows to life. We have used Harkers since the inception of Theatre Libre, to hold production and design meetings, to construct sets, paint backdrops, build furniture, workshop new writing, and have full rehearsals, including dress runs. Harkers Studio is the reason we, as a very small and independent theatre company, have been able to mount productions of such high quality. This in turn improves our reputation and encourages theatre practitioners and other creatives to work us, resulting in more community participation and more opportunities. As a company we believe strongly that theatre belongs to everyone, and spaces like Harkers Studio bring immeasurable value to the artistic community. The loss of cultural spaces in London is detrimental to the creation of our performance pieces.

You can find more information on the campaign here http://www.southwarkcan.org/harkers, and get updates on Twitter @Harkers_Studio. You can also sign the Save Harkers petition