House Of Atreus


Waterloo East Theatre - January 8-27 2013

 Adapted by Ozlem Ozhabes
Directed by Kaitlin Argeaux
Movement by Justyna Ziarek

Photography by Paul Carswell

Masks by Sian Kidd

Set Design by Edward K Ross

Costume Concept and Kimono Construction by Mela Boev

" are the snake I bore and nourished..."

The House of Atreus is rotting under the weight of atrocities committed by the family. Orestes has arrived home to avenge his father's murder and reverse the curse of his ancestors. But can he justify killing his mother? Even in the name of God? A physical adaptation of Aeschylus' The Libation Bearers updated to 2013.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction” Pascal 1623-1662