Theatre Libre is looking to hire a Lighting Designer and Projection Mapper for their new show Salome which is to be performed at The Space from the 1st of Sept-19th of Sept.  Our get in at The Space will be on the 31st of August and the 1st of September.

We are looking for someone to join our small team and design both the lights and projection for the show. We would like it if the person has experience with QLab and has experience designing projection for theatre.  We require someone to be super efficient and a team player to work on this devised piece. This ambitious project, being told through a physical adaptation written by Shane Callaghan, approaches the text from a feminist angle and explores the result of the objectification of women. By modernising the staging of 'Salome', Théâtre Libre will question how a constant male gaze can affect the burgeoning sexuality of a young female in an increasingly technological world. Directed by Kaitlin Argeaux, with movement by Justyna Ziarek, this undertaking is one which fits into today's obsession with social media and the exploitation of the female form.

We would like it if the designer could join rehearsals where possible to familiarize themselves with the show as it is a very technical. This would suit a student who would like a professional credit. Please get in touch if you would like to apply. The fee will be £100 to cover expenses.