Our last blog post was called "One Door Closes..." and we can now confirm that another door has opened! 

 It's been a little quiet on the TL front, but we have exciting news! 

Théâtre Libre has been selected to showcase our new writing venture "HERO" at the Tristan Bates in December as part of their Women in Arts Festival! We are very proud to present "HERO" - a show written and directed by females and with strong female leads. 

And we are honoured to be a part of this festival in association with So & So Arts Club -it's a cause that is close to our hearts.

Please find below out official CASTING CALL!

Théâtre Libre- an international physical theatre company based in London- is proud to be a part of a new festival celebrating Women in the Arts! In association with So and So Arts Club and taking place at Actors Centre/Tristan Bates Theatre, these companies will be joining forces for a three-day celebration of women in the arts, Mon 16 – Wed 18 December. 

Women In Arts is a cause close to our hearts, so we are presenting a new fantasy work written and directed by women, and featuring strong female leads called HERO.

It is the story of Hero and her Guide after Hero has saved the world from some terrible evil. The Guide can take Hero anywhere she wants to go, and Hero decides she wants to go home. On their journey home they meet many interesting people and witness what has become of the world they have saved. Along the way they meet Rat, a young boy with no home and no family, who wants to learn how to be a warrior and a hero. Then they meet Poet, who is actually a musician whose priceless violin has been stolen. Somehow Poet convinces Hero that a quest for a violin is what she is meant to do next. But the quest doesn't just lead them to the violin, it also leads them to the remnants of the opposition forces Hero vanquished, who are looking for any desperate way to strike back.

Auditions will be held at a central London location on September 28th.

Character Breakdowns as follows:
HERO – 20’s-30’s, female, strong mover, stage combat experience a plus
GUIDE – 30’s-40’s, female, some movement a plus, singing a plus
POET – 20’s-30’s, male, physical theatre background, dancing a plus, violin player
RAT – between 13-16 years old, male, strong movement background
Captain, Father, Sailor etc – 30’s- 40’s- 50’s, male, will be playing multiple characters, strong physicality, adept at accents
JOSIAH – 40’s, male, strong movement/stage combat

Rehearsals will begin in October and run one weekday evening and Saturday during the day (location TBC). Please note these rehearsals are part time (nights/weekends). 

Please do not apply if you cannot attend the audition and every rehearsal.

Actors are asked to prepare a 1 minute monologue of their choice and be prepared to move and take direction. Further details will follow upon invitation to audition.

This show will be paid a fee or stipend, we just do not yet know how much we can offer. This will be confirmed before you come for auditions!
We are also planning a further 3 week run with this show, to which the original cast will be given first refusal. 

TO APPLY: please email us a cover letter stating which part you wish to audition for and your most recent CV to 

Any further questions or for more details, please do not hesitate to get in touch!