We're Back!

Hello Everyone!

We are back from our break! Sorry we have been away for a while, but rest assured we are back with our thinking caps firmly in place and lots of exiting ideas for what we will be working on next. Our first Company Meeting since returning has taken place, so watch this space! 

So to bring you all up to date......

Théâtre Libre has two new company members to introduce. Firstly we have Rachael Ryan, who is our new Resident Designer. We can't wait to start creating with her and seeing her wonderful ideas and designs come to life in the performance space! Next we also have our new Intern Natalie Thompson, who will be keeping you all in the loop via our social media sites and our lovely blog on here!

And finally, we would like to leave you with the news that Théâtre Libre will be working on our own Shakespeare adaptation coming in May 2015, so stay tuned, because more info and Casting Calls are coming soon!

Love TL xx